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After years of experience in both my personal and professional life I'm excited to launch a project entitled 'Conversations with my younger self.' Sharing my Pillars of Success, life lessons learned throughout my journey in life and business, may help you on your own journey in this life!

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Who Am I?

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Author, Life Long Learner


Dr. Janice Hughes is a leader, a teacher, an author and a executive and business coach to thousands of professionals world-wide. Her unique style of leadership has represented an extraordinarily valued asset to those whose lives she has touched. Janice’s blend of intuition, practicality and incredible focus has made her a role model for all professional women.

Startup experience and entrepreneurial fundraising brings life lessons at every step of the Journey. Janice was able to bring her unique voice and executive coaching skills to help Curemark, a start-up biotechnology company, grow from inception to become a mature force in the area of autism and other neurological disorders where there is an unmet healthcare need. And along the way increase the value of the company from 20Million to a valuation of over 150Billion.



Janice brings to her work a sense of urgency and intensity. Throughout her career she has worked in environments where convention meets unconvention, at the crossroads where health, science, and humanity all meet. This has allowed her to break through many barriers, both real and imagined. Her work underscores her life in that anything is possible, no is only a two-letter word and with good leadership and a great idea one can change the world.

Janice has created the framework for her work, the Pillars of Success, from a blend of her own life experiences as well as coaching entrepreneurs and world leaders. Her insights are worth listening to!

Janice is married to her husband David Boynton DC, with three children and lives with her family in Boulder,CO.




Decades of Doing Things Right




Engagement - after years of speaking I've learned how powerful and important it is for everyone to feel connection not just with the message, also with the messenger. My work has enabled me to speak in groups of 10K plus and also in small and intimate settings. My goal is to always connect with meeting planners and companies to determine their needs, and how I can bring my experience and expertise to support you in your mission.

Business and Executive Coaching


I've been personally and professionally coached myself for 30+ years. After training as a personal and professional coach it's been my honor to also work with thousands of professionals world-wide. Having a coach bring out your individual brilliance and skills is imperative for all high level executives, businesses, and individuals.

Financial Coaching


In 2002 I had the privilege of writing a cutting edge book, Inspired Wealth, with a financial planner - bringing a coaching approach to money and wealth creation. This launched me on a trajectory of teaching and living the concepts of Financial Leadership. As we learn any new skills, I was presented with an opportunity to become a Director of Investors for a biotech company on the cutting edge of science and technology. After helping to raise over 100M I've turned my focus to helping YOU learn the money language and tools to create wealth in your own life.

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