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What is it you bring to the world?

Introspection is something that is difficult to 'find the time' to include in our daily lives. As classic multi-tasking women, we often are trying to fit 15 things into the time it might take others to achieve or complete 10. So nowhere in that formula is there 'extra time'.

The thought of scheduling journal time or introspection time, although sounding great in concept, is just another 'to do' on many of our long lists.

Yet, as this picture depicts, when we truly know our talents and gifts, it brings an incredible level of empowerment to our own life. It has us clear on who we are, why we are here, and what our main vision for our lives truly is.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.26.21 PM.png

Without the time to think about this and ponder our gifts, it's difficult in our craziness of daily life to really 'get it' - meaning to know and understand our uniqueness.

Each of us is truly here for unique reasons. The more we can share those gifts and unique talents the better. So let's figure out a way to have some 'introspection' even in our full and intense lives. It can actually come from even just asking ourselves some empowering questions: what makes me different? why am i doing this differently than others around me? what am I not voicing?

Let's start simple to reveal to ourselves our own uniqueness. Then, and only then, can we reflect that out to the world. And your world so needs YOU, the true and unique person that you are!