Powerful Conversations

Thanks @MarieForleo

I always know and trust when I see wonderful people supporting worthy projects that it's important for me to check them out. Such is the case with @MarieForleo. Her work in incredible, and I love watching her grow and bring to her tribe other worthy connections and people.

Today I watched this video that Marie had posted, and it's an incredible resource to learn the tools to have safe conversations. There are tools and great learning available. And we can then learn to apply some of these same tools to all of our conversations, including with ourself!

The toughest conversations to have are with ourselves - that's what my entire focus is with 'conversations with myself' = learning to be frank and truthful with myself, and sharing the life lessons I've been learning with my Younger Self (in the hopes that this may help someone else out there).

Check out the other videos available and the tools that are within them. Register for their live stream on Nov. 4th. support the founders Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.