Defining Success In Your Life

Why create our own definition of success?

The traditional definitions of success usually use the word "accomplishments" at some point. Now yes, we can apply that to all facets or aspects of our lives - yet do we?

I know that personally it was much easier to equate success with growth. Growth in business or numbers meant success. Achievement of a goal in any area of my life meant success. What I began to realize the more I focused on my inner world and growth, is that my definition of success had been very one dimensional.

My definition wasn't 3 dimensional or more gritty and real. It was very task or goal oriented.

While embracing yet again another 'transition' in my life and career, it's created a lot of reflection time. I'm having conversations with myself - what would I tell my younger self? And from this has come some very rich and meaningful inner dialogue and journal writing.

I'm recognizing the pillars in my life, and those of other incredibly talented people that I have had the fortune to coach and work with. Thus has birthed my Pillars of Success model.


Pillars of Success

5 Fundamental Areas of a Full and Meaningful Life

Throughout this model are tools and strategies along the way. It includes business and growth. Within worth is not only self worth but business value and valuations.

It's a way for me to find language to the model of coaching I realize I've been developing throughout my career. And a way for me to bring a 3 dimensional approach to all the work I've gathered and pulled together over a lifetime of being coached, and coaching others.

It's thanks to so many mentors and coaches in my own life that I'm now joyfully living a truly 3 dimensional life. Thank you!