Why Is Self-Worth The Foundational Pillar?

What you say to yourself is taken to heart

What you say to yourself is taken to heart

I started this project of Conversations With My Younger Self based on reflection of my life lessons learned along this journey. By putting in writing some of my distinctions and lessons it honors myself, while also hopefully helping others on their own 'adventures' through this lifetime.

Reflecting back I realize that my own self-worth was not strong. I can say it's based on so many outside factors in life - gender roles, educational paths, professional school and practice. Yet what I realize is that it was really an inside job. Yes, all those outside factors were there, but my personal challenge was based on what went on within my own head.

I wasn't kind to myself. I wasn't gentle in my self talk. I'd heard all the empowering speakers and coaches talk about affirmations and their power. Yet somehow I continued to be my own worst critic.

What I realize, the older I get, is that it was only once I began to realize that my voice and decisions were the most important in my life, that I really began to be open to the coaching and influence of these great mentors and teachers.

I saw the impact my own thinking of my value had been having in my life.

I realized this was so foundational, that I truly needed to take reflection time to learn and grow in this area. Suddenly affirmations and mindset became so critical for me. My awareness was there, and then my willingness to do the work on 'my self' totally transformed me.

I'm not saying this is easy. I am saying this is the right thing to do for YOURSELF. It's the most powerful gift we can ever give ourselves. It transforms our lives, and impacts all of those around us. Our relationships change. Our business changes.

This is why for me this is a foundational pillar to success. 

Message to my younger self: The Mindset work is deep. It's foundational. And it's worth it!


Reputation is what you are perceived to be. Character is what you truly are. John Wooden