Women Who Are Changing The World

As Women We All Change OUR World

There is an incredible amount of momentum with more and more amazing women being featured in many fields. I commend TIME Magazine for their newest project, where they are featuring profiles of 46 powerhouse women in entertainment, politics, business, science and sports who have broken the glass ceiling in some way.

I'm so fortunate to have been connected with so many empowering women in my own life - mentors, coaches, and people that inspire me consistently. This is a game changer. It shows me what is possible, breaking the 'glass ceiling' in so many ways.

12 TIME covers commemorating fearless women!

12 TIME covers commemorating fearless women!

The key for so many women is to realize that they have these same qualities and characteristics within themselves. This just isn't about seeing it in others. It's about recognizing your own personal power. Part of embracing our own self worth is realizing that these same kinds of qualities and characteristics are within us.

It's also so important to advocate for ourselves, and for other women. I'm learning this NOW. Years ago I had a wise man, my husband, encourage me to be vocal as a women within my own profession. My initial comment was "I don't have time for more projects or being anyone's role model." Interesting how things come full circle. And now having the opportunity at this stage of my life and career to encourage, collaborate with, and hold up to the world all the amazing women in my profession!

The future is so bright. Note to my Younger Self...encourage every woman in your path. Collaborate with women, bring more joy earlier in your life. We are stronger together!

The common denominator, though, is that they have all fiercely fought to stake a claim for themselves ― and found motivation in others who do the same. Jenavieve Hatch