Generational Legacy Building

Success for My Children's Children

Today I had the honor and privilege of getting up in the middle of the night to take my middle son to the airport. An honor you might ask? No longer do I have young children, where getting up in the night is about feeding them and/or settling them from night time dreams. Instead, I have grown young men in my life that I have the opportunity to help them pursue their dreams!

I can remember back to many times of exasperation or exhaustion waking up with them. I can't say that I always honored the time then....sometimes likely, but definitely not having the perspective that this time or phase would pass quickly.

Now seems more precious. It's definitely an opportunity to help and support them in completely new ways. My son is jetting off to Japan, following his passions and dreams. Only for a short trip, but to a country that he's now already visited twice, and has dreams of working there in the future.

A quick google search on legacy building with sons, I find this interesting video with Dr. Myles Munroe discussing building his empire, and including his son in this empire building.

None of my sons are likely to follow in my footsteps, or be integrated into the business I have at this stage of my life. Yet I'm struck with this message about building and sharing our ideas, opportunities, and contacts. Reaching out to anyone I know to help facilitate next steps in each of my sons paths to discover and fulfill their passions.

The Japanese culture can share many lessons with me - thinking in terms of my decisions and how they not only impact my son's, yet how they impact their children's children. It makes my conversations with them more impactful. My conversations become less controlling and less about what I think is right for them. It's much more about what they feel is right, and following those 'whispers in the wind'.

The more I support them, the more I build a generational legacy!