Dance Like No One Is Watching


I've heard the saying 'dance like no one is watching you'. Yet with my traditional hegemonic concepts of dance, and styles of dance, could I really be completely free and easy with dance?

All too often my rules for myself come through - Who is watching? What if I completely let go? 

The older I get, the more I realize that so many of the rules I set for myself have been randomly made up - by myself! Yes I've picked up those early belief systems very young, from all those around me. Yet I've been so fortunate, with amazing mentors and coaches in my life, to really take a look at so many of my ideas, beliefs and patterns. I can think I'm more mature, and have less cares in the world. Yet could I just dance freely and move with no cares in the world?

What an interesting 'test' to see what I think about myself, if I'm concerned still at a deep core level with what others also 'think' of me!

These young women just move. I may think I have more privilege, or more opportunities. Yet I know from mission trips and working with so many around the world less fortunate than I am, that they actually have a gift. They have a gift of appreciation in the moment. Freedom in the moment. To move, to say things, and to laugh.

Today my conversation with myself includes the question, what would it take for me to move and just dance with freedom? What might need to shift for me? Or where and when can I put myself in a situation to just completely smile and feel the music...and truly dance like no one is watching!