Is My Ability to Multitask Hurting Me?

Am I the only one?

The person that gets a lot of things done, because I can multi-task and organize my time well. The person that see's things that need to be done, and so volunteers so that we can get this done and move on?

I step into this trap in my homelife, my community and volunteer organizations, and in my profession.

Guilty - as outlined in the Harvard Review study showing that those who say yes to thankless tasks — like planning holiday parties, filling in for absentcolleagues or serving on low-level committees — are 48 percent more likely to be women.

Entirely why I'm focused on supporting and transforming the role of women within Healthcare! As professional women we are committed to serving and guiding the health and wellbeing of people within our communities. Yet all too often we aren't practicing self care and learning to say NO to things in our own lives - so then how can we be the best version of ourselves for patients and people we work with?

I've fallen into the trap more times than you can ever imagine, or that you can ever do. So let's change this pattern and habit for the important women leaders in Healthcare?

Anyone want to join me in this movement?

I'm so committed I'm focused on my legacy project - creating leadership and transformation for women. Join our movement that will launch in the fall of 2018. Help us impact the next generation of women in healthcare!

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Janice Hughes