Who Will You Become?

Who You Are Determines How Well What You Do Works. How many times have we heard this statement?

Focusing on success, being coached personally and professionally - there are always these powerful memes. Yet if I don't slow down, can I really and truly embrace or search for what this means?

Don't all of these types of personal growth statements require introspection? Who do we truly BE?

I know this has been a personal journey for me of almost 30 years - NOW either I'm just really slow, or hopefully it's that this does take a lifetime. The more I stopped judging myself each moment and each day, the more I found that I could actually pursue deeper levels of answering these types of questions.

As a coach, I find that others often have that same struggle - thinking we are supposed to 'get it' with the first bit of work. Yet to me, it's like the onion. There are so many layers. 

I love this video and perspective by Oprah Winfrey - the more we embrace ourselves, and commit to honoring that, the more fun and joy we have. And the more impact!

Some wise statements to focus on this week from Oprah:

  • What will you stand for? This question will follow you throughout the rest of your life!
  • Your job is not who you are...it's just on the road to who you will become!
  • Become so skilled at what you do that your talent can't be dismissed!

You are only on this planet to be YOU. Who will that BE?

This doesn't have to be based on who you have been showing up as right now. It can, if that is fulfilling, if you love yourself.

It can also be changed!


Janice Hughes