The Health of Wealth

True wealth is having the finances to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want.

Engagement - after years of speaking I've learned how powerful and important it is for everyone to feel connection not just with the message, also with the messenger. My work has enabled me to speak in groups of 10K plus and also in small and intimate settings. My goal is to always connect with meeting planners and companies to determine their needs, and how I can bring my experience and expertise to support you in your mission.
Business Coaching
I've been personally and professionally coached myself for 30+ years. After training as a personal and professional coach it's been my honor to also work with thousands of professionals world-wide. Having a coach bring out your individual brilliance and skills is imperative for all high level executives, businesses, and individuals.
Financial Coaching
In 2002 I had the privilege of writing a cutting edge book, Inspired Wealth, with a financial planner - bringing a coaching approach to money and wealth creation. This launched me on a trajectory of teaching and living the concepts of Financial Leadership. As we learn any new skills, I was presented with an opportunity to become a Director of Investors for a biotech company on the cutting edge of science and technology. After helping to raise over 100M I've turned my focus to helping YOU learn the money language and tools to create wealth in your own life.

Meet Dr. Janice

 Dr. Janice helps practitioners and business owners understand and embrace the 'business' side within healthcare.

Ways to Work with Dr. Janice...

Practice Valuation

As a practitioner I have a unique and powerful way of looking at the value of a healthcare business. I help a doctor come up with a very clear unique selling proposition. I also work with a number of doctors to help them groom or find the right successor or purchaser. Not being a broker, I do facilitate people coming up with the narrative and strategies for a successful sale. 

10 Year Exit Strategy

Can you afford to retire?
It’s critical to find out clearly where you are in your wealth building strategies and business exit plans. My program will help you with tools and strategies to prepare for more freedom and flexibility. 
Some of Dr. Janice's Free Tools & Resources 
Codes of Longevity
Money Mindset Series
Inspired Wealth eBook
Dr. Janice Hughes 
Dr. Janice Hughes is an Executive Wealth Coach and Business Advisor. In her previous role as the Director of Investors for Curemark, a biotech startup company, she learned to apply the principles and strategies related to raising money and creating wealth, along the way being part of the team to increase the value of the company from 20 Million to a valuation of over 150 Billion. Dr. Janice now coaches individuals and companies to apply some of these same ‘money raising’ principles in their own lives and businesses. 

Returning to healthcare coaching and consulting, Janice helps practitioners and business owners understand and embrace the 'business' side within healthcare. Many brilliant practitioners need strategies, tools and systems to become the CEO of their business, and their lives.

Vitalistic principles applied to business, money and wealth can transform not only how you see and understand money, it can literally change your life! Dr. Janice Hughes is fortunate to work with a financial coach, Christopher Koopman, from Statera Wealth Solutions. Together they empower clients to learn sustainable wealth creation strategies and retirement exit strategies. Janice helps practitioners create their 10 year exit strategy - increasing the valuation of their business, and planning out their wealth strategies. Mr. Koopman helps individuals protect and grow their wealth. 

As an author, Dr. Janice shares her wisdom in both Inspired Wealth (now available as a free ebook version) as well as the new best selling Amazon books Codes of Longevity (with 20 other leaders in the healthcare industry).

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